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MHRS Brand Identity

Mostly Heard Rarely Seen is a Hong Kong and Tokyo based, high-street menswear fashion label designed by Thomas "Tomakira" Li. The brand's concept is inspired by the play on word of the name of the brand "Mostly Heard Rarely Seen" (MHRS) and the creativity of self-expressionism through fashion.

The Process

The design of the logo is based on a culture of the masked youth, who seek to express themself their individuality. Since the design of the brand and products must all emphasize self-expression, that's why I thought about the various ways of how material and its visual appearance can represent the meaning of the brand's concept. For instance, the shopping bag and hang tag system use transparent acetate, a material which creates the illusion of mystery and appearance with a solid hand feel.

Mostly Heard Rarely Seen x Nanaoblock Packaging

I collaborated with the team at Nanoblock to create a unqiue packaging design for the sunglasses. Keeping in mind the elements of each brand's traits, I designed a packaging design that alludes MHRS's allusion to a mysterious appearance and Nanoblock's signature of micro blocks.

The Result

Mostly Heard Rarely Seen claims a huge following across the United States, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and South Korea. Celebrities and followers alike love the concept of unique designs with a distinct twist.

© Mostly Heard Rarely Seen

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mostly heard rarely seen hang tag mostly heard rarely seen shopping bag mostly heard rarely seen and nanoblock sunglasses collaboration with orange sunglasses and packaging mostly heard rarely seen metal shank mostly heard rarely seen rust colored metal rivet mostly heard rarely seen leather back keep