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Haculla Website

Haculla is a menswear brand inspired by contemporary artist Harif Guzman's provocative street art, iconic drawings of unique characters and signature one of a kind faces. The brand identity draws upon his 15 years of work as an artist, showcasing his individuality and identity. It is an extension or "canvas" of his art, applied onto different fabrics, materials and structures.

The Process

Since the brand’s design is tailored to streetwear enthusiasts from ages 15 to 25, I emphasized the design of the e-commerce website with a minimalistic and responsive layout for both desktop and mobile with good user experience. The website can also be currated to display large editorial lifestyle shots throughout, without detracting from his art and clothing as the main focus.

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haculla e-commerce website displayed on mobile and designed tailored towards desktop and mobile users haculla website design layout of home page haculla website design layout of brand page and about the artist haculla website design layout of the stockist page with store addresses haculla website design layout of the press page where the brand is featured