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Haculla Brand Identity

Haculla is a menswear brand inspired by contemporary artist Harif Guzman's provocative street art, iconic drawings of unique characters and signature one of a kind faces. The brand identity draws upon his 15 years of work as an artist, showcasing his individuality and identity. It is an extension or "canvas" of his art, applied onto different fabrics, materials and structures.

The Process

As a fellow artist and creative, I saw the importance of having the essence of the artist in each product that the brand makes to drive the message across. The design of the logo and the packaging system are based on Haculla's handwriting and signature one of a kind faces. The materials and the application process that I chose, all imitate the subtle differences of paint on the surface of a canvas in some way.

The Result

The result was overwhelming. Haculla was first launched in New York with great receptivity and currently sold overseas.

© Haculla

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haculla logo design variations displayed on a sketchbook with a marker haculla is a new york based menswear brand, whose brand identity draws upon 15 years of Harif Guzman as an artist haculla hang tag haculla hang tag with close up view of haculla one of a kind faces haculla shopping bag haculla hoodie displaying woven label and metal puller haculla woven label